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  • Eva, Your pendulums are the most beautiful I have ever seen and held.  I am so pleased to own several of your creations now.  Thank you for sharing your creative gift, for your beautiful packaging, and for always including a delightful extra surprise gift!  ~ R.T.

  • I was very excited to receive my pendulums today. When I had the Rainbow Fluorite in my hands I felt a lot of energy go through my body which made me feel renewed. I love both pendulums, the craftsmanship is excellent and I can't wait to put them to use! It is amazing how well and how fast I connected with the fluorite pendulum. I carry them with me all the time and I use them when I want clear answers on something.  ~  Juan Tarnez, Eagle Pass, TX

  • I am so pleased with my purchase. I am so glad I came upon your site, this is the only place I could purchase the laminated pendulum charts that I was looking for. Great quality. Purchased one for me and one for my daughter. The pendulum adapter is awesome, it's beautiful. ~ B.

  • I received my pendulums today and was absolutely awed not only by their beauty and the craftsmanship, but also the radiant energy of light they emitted! I have never felt what I felt when I first held the pendulums nor have seen any more beautiful. It was clear to me that the pendulums were created with love and pure intention. Also, I printed and read your information on your website and again have never been opened to the education you provided on pendulum use. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I feel so blessed to have found your sight. Your pendulums truly are exquisite.  ~  Melody P.

  • I have ordered several pendulums from your site, both directly and in "group" orders with friends who I've passed your site information along. I am so impressed with the creativity, beautiful craftsmanship, stone quality, and perfect energy that comes with each delivery. I just can't say enough to appropriately applaud. The other products and the information provided on this site are high quality as well, and most appreciated. Please keep up the excellent work. My collection of pendulums continues to grow - you can never have too many! Namaste! ~ Sarah

  • I just got my pendulums, and I am so excited! The citrine is gorgeous! I put it close to my heart for a little bit and now I am wearing it around my neck! I also love the keepsake box! It is just perfect. Thank you again for the beautiful pendulums. They are just perfect, and way more than I could have imagined.  ~  Jaimi W.

  • Just want to say thank you. The pendulum it's beautiful, love it, it's a piece of art. I wanted my first pendulum to be super special, and it is. When I'm not practicing, I explore the crystal, thank you so much. The keepsake box is lovely. The packaging, everything, it says a lot. Thanks. :o)  ~  Luz C.

  • I received my pendulum. It is so beautiful and responsive. It is unlike any other that I have seen or used. I was so impressed that I have placed another order to be given as a gift for my wife.  ~  Mark C.

  • I just received my order and love all three!  Thank you for making such a nice product, they seem to pick up my energy very quickly,I have bought for other people the had to work a lot to get them to work properly. Now I just buy from you. Thank you very much. ~ Terri Glen

  • I just received my pendulum last night and it’s GORGEOUS! But, more importantly as soon as I held the pendulum I could feel right away that it had amazing energy. I truly believe that Eva creates these pieces with the most calming and positive energy. So while I appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of the pendulum I think it’s equally as important to appreciate the wonderful energy that the pendulum has. This was my first order with AYP and the experience was amazing. I received my pendulum quicker than I thought I would and it came beautifully packaged with lots of little extra goodies. I will definitely be back to purchase pendulum accessories and maybe another pendulum. Thank you AYP! ~ Liz on Apr 26, 2018

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