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Multiple Choice Pendulum Chart - Laminated with Dry-Erase Marker - or Download

This chart is available in two formats: Laminated or Digital Download. If you opt for the digital download, a link will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase. Note: The purchased versions of this chart (digital download and laminated hard-copy) do not have the large copyright watermark across it.

  • If you opt for the digital download version this chart, a link will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase.You can then download and print out the chart on your own printer.

    The Laminated version of this chart is reusable and comes with a dry-erase marker so you can use it over and over and over again.  Laminated chart is physical item that will be shipped to you.

    For years, when I had a multiple choice dowsing question, I'd print out or even draw out one of these multiple choice charts (they're very useful). Then one day it hit me. Why not laminate this thing, use with a dry erase marker and keep the chart for next time? What a huge time saver! It eliminates paper waste and for some reason, it makes dowsing fun! You can use the laminated chart hundreds of times, even hundreds of thousands of times if you want.

    A note from the creator of Ask Your Pendulum: This chart is the product of my own hard work, research and/or creativity, to which I hold the copyright thereto and reserve all rights. If you are purchasing the download, you may print this chart out for your own use as often as you like. However, you may not distribute, publish, project in any way, or display on any internet website without my express written permission.
  • This 8.5 x 11" chart has ten good-sized sections for your written words, glyphs, numbers, or symbols. On the back of the chart you'll find detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to use it (see the "How to Use" tab above). Included is an Expo brand fine tip black dry erase marker for use with this chart, which allows you to write the options down, ask your question(s) and wipe it clean with a simple tissue or soft cloth when you're done. (Cloth not included.)

    Important: Always use a dry-erase style marker on chart. You can also use colored dry-erase style markers if you have them. Do not use permanent markers on the chart, unless you want the markings to be permanent.
  • Setting up the Chart
    Using the special marker provided or any “dry erase” type of marker with a fine point, write each one of the options you want to choose from into a blank triangular wedge in the chart. When deciding what to write, short and sweet is best, but do spell it out; don’t use abbreviations. There are ten wedges in this chart. If the number of options you have is fewer than ten, leave blank wedges in between each so that you avoid clumping options all to one side. It’s best to distribute the options evenly across the chart.

    For example, let’s say I am looking for a job, have sent hundreds of résumés all across the country, and have hit the jackpot- receiving 5 job offers at once. (I know, exciting huh?) Now, to use this chart to help with my decision process, I’ll write the 5 different choices - one job offer per wedge - onto the chart. In no particular order, I’ll scatter the five choices, leaving some of the wedges blank, so that the job offers are spaced out across the whole chart. When I fill in the wedge for each job offer, I’ll write the offered position, company name and the city it’s in, such as, “Creative Director, Smith Company in Seattle”.

    Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers.

    Positioning - you, the chart, and the pendulum
    Ideally, you want to sit up straight and if possible, put both feet flat on the floor. With the chart in front of you, on a flat surface, and the arrow pointing away from your body, grasp the top bead or fob of your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger and arch your wrist slightly. Hold pendulum directly over the “hinge point” of the chart (the spot shown by the arrow), about 1/2 inch above the chart’s surface. Steady your elbow (but not your hand) on the table and let the pendulum dangle directly above the chart’s hinge point.

     Now give your pendulum an opportunity to swing about freely as it looks into the matter. Don’t rush things. Allow the pendulum some time to find the groove its looking for. When it answers your question, the pendulum will repeatedly slice the same wedge of the chart by swinging back and forth from the hinge point to the outer edge of the semi-circle. When this occurs, read the option written underneath this slicing swing. This is your answer. If the question is such that more one option is valid, wait to see if there’s more. If there is, the pendulum will swing through additional wedges, taking a moment to readjust in between each.

    Note: If the pendulum swings in a clockwise circle, instead of in a slicing motion, this means that all options on the chart are potentially valid. If the pendulum swings in a counter-clockwise circle, it is saying that none of the options are valid.

    If you're using the laminated chart, wipe it off with a tissue or cloth when finished. Do not use permanent markers on the laminated chart, unless you want the markings to be permanent.

    Click here for more information about how to use your pendulum.

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