Ways to Use Your Pendulum

There are many ways to use your pendulum. Answering yes/no questions (#1 below) is the most basic of all of them, but there are other powerful uses for your pendulum.

Here's a list of just some of the ways to use your pendulum:

  1. Answer yes/no questions
  2. Using Charts
  3. Read the Tarot using a chart (instead of Tarot cards)
  4. Check your polarity
  5. Detect presence unwanted or negative energies
  6. Understand synchronistic events
  7. Predict gender of an unborn baby
  8. Find your car keys (or other misplaced items)
  9. Check the status of your chakras
  10. Select chakra energy stones or other small objects using a rainbow arch
  11. Discover your guides
  12. Make multiple choice decisions using a chart
  13. Pick out a pet
  14. Enhance your intuition in all areas (not just dowsing)
  15. Identify your resonant color
  16. Gauge potency of vitamins, etc
  17. Check the validity of advice
  18. Determine trustworthiness
  19. Make design choices
  20. Select a location using a map
  21. Cleanse divination cards
  22. Share joy and spread light

Happy dowsing!