How to Use Your Pendulum to Understand Synchronistic Events

A couple of seemingly random things happen on the same day, maybe within minutes of each other and they appear to be connected, but why? Is it coincidence? You've heard there is no such thing as coincidence, right? Synchronicity (seemingly unrelated events that are connected by a common thread) is the language the universe uses to send us messages. Typically these messages are protective, loving and healing in nature. If we can decode the message, we stand to gain important insights.

The universe is a great improvisor and will use whatever is on hand to get your attention: birds, cloud formations, songs on the radio, a painted sign on the side of a passing truck, or a penny on the ground. Whatever grabs your attention, or tries to grab it, can be a piece of a puzzle that has a greater meaning than the individual parts.

Here's an example of a little synchronistic event I experienced while driving on the freeway. I was headed to an appointment and I was running late. As I sped along, I suddenly realized that all of the cars around me - in front of me, on either side, and behind me - every single one of them was white. With my own car also being white, I was struck by just how unusual this was. Recognizing the pattern snapped me out of my hurry-up-and-get-there mode and forced me to pay attention to my immediate surroundings. That's when I looked down at my speedometer and saw that I'd been driving much faster than I meant to. I slowed down. Less than two miles up the road sat a white state patrol car on the shoulder with a radar gun pointed directly at my car. By now I was traveling at the posted speed limit (whew!). This symphony of synchronicity carried out by a group of unsuspecting, unrelated vehicles served to alert me of something and I'm pretty sure it didn't happen just to save me a speeding ticket. I believe there was a greater purpose to the message, though either way, whether it saved me from a speeding ticket or worse, an accident, I was very grateful.

Some messages are less immediate and may require real contemplation. Next time you suspect synchronicity, (and you're not driving :)), ask your pendulum for clarity.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

  1. "Are these events (name them within the question) connected?"
  2. "Are these events (name them within the question) meant for me?"
  3. "Is the purpose of this message to enlighten me about a problem?"
  4. "Is the purpose of this message to help me achieve something?"
  5. "Is the purpose of this message to _________________?"

Once you get a lead on the purpose, you can start asking more specific questions. "Is this a message from my guardian angel?" or "Am I being cautioned not to take that trip next week?" or "Am I being reminded to call my sister today?"

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