How to Use a Healing Wand

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Selenite Wand
Healing wands come in many shapes and sizes – and are made of a variety of materials. Many are cylindrical and may or may not be faceted. Often healing wands have a rounded end and a pointed end, though sometimes both ends are rounded or both ends are pointed. You can use natural crystal and/or stone wands to take advantage of the stone’s natural energetic qualities. Different stones have different healing benefits and energies, so you may want more than wand to address different matters.

Before using your wand for the first time, you’ll want to cleanse and recharge its energy (see the energy cleaning page for more information). It’s also a good idea to spend some time with your new wand to attune to its energy and get familiar with its weight and its feel. Later when you’re using your wand, you may be able to sense subtle changes in its vibrations, weight, temperature, or even color when it encounters negative energy.

Program your wand with your intention. If the intention is to heal a particular ailment or condition, hold the cleansed wand in your hands and state your intent. You can do this with either your inside voice or your outside one. Be sure to cleanse and recharge the wand after every use.

The rounded end of a wand is considered “receptive” and will draw out energy from where it’s placed. The pointed end of a healing wand directs or focuses energy toward the area pointed at and can be used to transmit or send healing energy into the body, aura or energy field.

Fluorite WandsA “massage wand” is term used for a common wand shape, typically a cylindrical with at least one end of it rounded. You can use this type of wand in different ways, including massaging the body (though only with the rounded end – never use the pointed end of a wand to massage as it could be uncomfortable or even painful). Massaging with the rounded end of a healing wand draws out negative energy while releasing tension from the body. But a “massage” shaped wand does not have to be used in massage to provide healing.

You can use your wand to draw out energy or to focus intention and healing energy to and from a specific spot.

There are many ways to achieve healing with a wand. The following is an example of one method that you can use. Feel free to explore other methods or modify this one. Allow your intuition to help guide you in this process. You may also find it useful to use a pendulum to help determine where to use the wand.

Rose Quartz twist wandIt’s not necessary for the wand to make contact with the body. It should be held as close as you feel necessary – and this may vary depending on the person or the task at hand. When using your wand for a specific healing task, begin by holding it with the receptive end pointed at the affected area to draw out negative or damaged energy. As you do this, visualize your intention (i.e., removing bad energy). You may want to use a blessing or healing prayer at the same time. You can also move the wand in a counter-clockwise circular motion – pulling away it from the body as you go to draw out the energy – guiding it to an exit such as a window or exterior door.

When you feel the time is right, reverse the wand, aim the pointed end of it at the affected area and focus your intention at replacing the negativity that was removed with positive, healing energy. As you do this, again visualize your intention (healing, regenerative energy – or you may have something else that is more particular to the task that you can visualize). You can also move the wand in a clockwise circular motion over the area. When done, you may want to complete the process with a prayer or expression of gratitude.

You can also use a wand to cleanse and unblock chakras. To do this, start at the subject’s feet and move your way up the body with your wand, pausing when you sense a blockage. When you find a blockage, draw out the negative energy and then replace with positive energy, using the same method in the paragraph above.