How to Cleanse Pendulum and Stone Energies

Periodically cleansing the energy in your pendulum, divination and/or healing stones will make them responsive and bring out their full potential.

Have you ever tried to use a pendulum and gotten frustrated because it was either sluggish or erratic? Well maybe it just needs a good energy cleansing. (For information about how to use a pendulum, click here.)

Many pendulums are created with crystals, stones, and natural gemstones. These absorb whatever energy is around them and can hold on it for a long time. You will get the best results from your pendulum if it has only your energy to work with - so it's really a good idea to cleanse it before using the first time (and then occasionally thereafter as you feel necessary).

Over time, natural stones and crystals pick up and store the energies they encounter, both positive and negative. In most cases the energy stored in your pendulum is very beneficial, but if there's a build up of negativity or old energy in the stones, it can interfere with its effectiveness. It’s recommended that you periodically cleanse your pendulums, and in fact, all of your healing stones and crystals.

There are dozens of ways to cleanse stone energies, but I've limited my recommendations to those that are completely safe for all stones and safe for sterling silver. If you've read much about energy cleansing, you've probably come across methods that use sea salts and/or liquids. Though effective at cleansing energies, these methods can corrode sterling and damage certain types of natural stones (see note at the bottom of this page). There are other reliable, easy, effective methods that don't have these risks.

Nine ways to cleanse the energy in your pendulum

1. Gentle Energy Cleansing Kit
Gentle Energy Cleansing Kit
Energy cleansing made easy - This is AYP's simply system that employs natural energy cleansing methods - the power of citrine and written intent. Click here for details.

2. Smudging
Light a smudge stick (it can be dried white sage and/or other herbs, or cedar) or you can use your favorite incense. Blow out the flame and pass pendulum or crystal through the fragrant smoke slowly - at least four times.

3. Cleansing Crystals
Citrine is a self-cleansing stone that also cleanses other stones. Put pendulum or crystal in a pouch or container with citrine and leave undisturbed for 24 hours. When cleansed, carnelian and selenite both carry the ability to cleanse other stones. Put pendulum or crystal in a pouch or container with cleansed carnelian or on a slab of selenite and leave undisturbed for 24 hours.

4. Crystal Cluster "Baskets"
Place pendulum or crystal on a cleansed crystal cluster or "basket". Let it rest there for several hours.

5. Brown Rice
Fill a small can or bowl with dry brown rice. A round grain is preferable to long grain. Submerge your pendulum or stone under the surface. Let rest for 24 hours.

6. Sunlight
Place pendulum or crystal in direct sunlight for up to 4 hours, morning or late sun is best (avoid noon day if it's overly bright or hot). Please note - some crystals fade quickly if exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use this method on fluorite or amethyst as they will lose their color.

7. Moonlight
Unlike sunlight, moonlight is safe for all stones. Place pendulum or crystal on a windowsill during a full moon and let it sit overnight.

8. Ho'oponopono
This is one of my all-time favorites - probably because I love Hawaii and the soothing, healing energy I've experienced there. Here's a way to bring the healing, cleansing energy of Hawaii home, wherever you are: "Ho'oponopono" is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that essentially means "make it right". It is used to cleanse and restore balance and provide an immediate sense of peace and relaxation. It's traditionally used to repair relationships and rebuild family harmony - but written or spoken, Ho'oponopono can be employed for any type of healing or cleansing and it is excellent for blessing pendulums and crystals! How to do Ho'oponopono: Hold your pendulum or crystal in your hands, close your eyes and say the following four sentences: "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." Continue to repeat these words several times through until you feel the energy shift.

9. Visualize Cleansing Light
Hold your pendulum or crystal in your hands or place in front of you on a table. Visual beautiful, cleansing, healing white light or golden light surrounding the stone and washing through it making it fresh and clean.

After cleansing, then charge with fresh positive energy

After your pendulum or crystal is cleansed, you need to “recharge” it. Recharging puts beneficial positive energy back into the stones. To recharge, you can use therapeutic sound, light, blessings, or even your own physical touch. If trained in Reiki, you can recharge your pendulum and crystals with Reiki energy and/or symbols making them nimble and responsive.

Some cautions about salts and water: I don't recommend cleansing with salts of any kind because salt is a corrosive and it will damage sterling silver. Additionally, there are certain stones that don't do well with salt. Rather than memorize which are safe and which aren't, I recommend avoiding it altogether. I also caution against using water as a cleansing method because some crystals do not fare well if wet. Selenite for example, will turn cloudy if it gets wet and it may stay that way for a long time (or forever). Also, placing sterling silver into a water bath can hasten its natural oxidation process.

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