About AYP

Eva Joy Browning
Welcome to Ask Your Pendulum!
My name is Eva Joy Browning. This website is devoted to helping you connect to your intuition, with an emphasis on the AYP specialty - pendulums. I believe that everyone has the right to easily obtain tools to nurture and foster his or her intuitive development and that's why I created AYP. This website offers information and how-to guides designed to enhance your intuition, energetic balance, divine connection, healing, and joy.

With a little patience and some practice, you can teach yourself how to use a pendulum in minutes. The beauty of this tool is that the more you use it, the easier it is to use. Once you get familiar with using a pendulum, the path to your intuition - and your ability to connect to it through other methods, such as lucid dreaming, crystal gazing, reading oracle or tarot cards, energy healing, and so on - become easier as well.


"Healing Light" - Prehnite, Clear Quartz, Peridot, and Sterling Silver Pendulum

The AYP Mission


The AYP mission is to spread knowledge and wisdom about pendulums. I have retired from making and selling pendulums (as of August 31, 2023), but this website will continue to provide how-to guides and other useful information about pendulums and related topics. If you are interested in pendulum charts, they are available for purchase at my Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/knowingthesoul).

Over the last 14 1/2 years, I have made approximately 8,000 pendulums for people all over the world. It has been such a great honor and privilege to do so, and I am very grateful. Thank you.

My company, Knowing the Soul LLC, is licensed in the state of Washington and operates in the city of Everett, Washington.

Knowing the Soul is a non-religious organization that's devoted to spreading Light. We provide information that enhances intuition, energetic balance, divine connection, healing, and joy. We believe that every individual has tremendous potential within - and the right to easily obtain tools to nurture this.