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Eva Joy Browning
Welcome to Ask Your Pendulum!
My name is Eva Joy Browning. This website is devoted to helping you connect to your intuition, with an emphasis on the AYP specialty - pendulums. I believe that everyone has the right to easily obtain tools to nurture and foster his or her intuitive development and that's why I created AYP. This website offers information, how-to guides, metaphysical tools (such as pendulums), and other materials designed to enhance your intuition, energetic balance, divine connection, healing, and joy.

With a little patience and some practice, you can teach yourself how to use a pendulum in minutes. The beauty of this tool is that the more you use it, the easier it is to use. Once you get familiar with using a pendulum, the path to your intuition - and your ability to connect to it through other methods, such as lucid dreaming, crystal gazing, reading oracle or tarot cards, energy healing, and so on - become easier as well.


"Healing Light" - Prehnite, Clear Quartz, Peridot, and Sterling Silver Pendulum

The AYP Mission

Be it simple or wildly complicated - creating beautiful, empowering, soul-connecting pendulums for truth seekers of the world is the AYP mission. I consider this a sacred task and I endeavor to create pendulums that are deserving of the work, and the joy of connecting to one's soul.

What's special about AYP pendulums?

I can honestly say that these are not ordinary pendulums. They are created for balance and beauty, made with loving intent from quality materials, with guaranteed craftsmanship. I personally design and create every pendulum at AYP.  When you buy an AYP pendulum, you aren't getting something that's been bounced around on a store display case or rack - handled by dozens of curious shoppers and exposed to chaotic energy spikes. Instead, AYP pendulums are created here in my studio, an environment that I intentionally keep peaceful, gentle, joyful, and positive. To enhance each pendulum's natural energies and encourage greater responsiveness, I cleanse its energy and bless it with Reiki just before shipping.

Mind-Body-Spirit Black Obsidian, Gemstone and sterling silver pendulum by AYP

Energy cleansed and Reiki charged

I cleanse the energy of every pendulum I make and I recharge it with enduring healing "Reiki" energy before sending it out into the world. In my experience, this makes a pendulum more nimble and responsive from the start.

Enhance your own energy with your pendulum

victorian fairy

Beautiful, natural crystals and gemstones enhance your body's energies. One of the reasons I am so passionate about pendulums is because they offer endless opportunities to embrace the bounty of earth's natural treasures, including those from the sea. I've always been fascinated with natural gemstones - geological and organic. The natural energies that exist within these find their perfect home in my pendulums. As a pendulum owner, using a gemstone or crystal that is both beautiful and energetically matched to your own vibrations helps you optimize and enhance your intuitive abilities.

When creating a pendulum design, I research the healing, mystic, and spiritual properties of each gemstone and symbol. I intuitively match them up with compatible energies to product pendulums that are balanced visually, kinesthetically, and energetically - both within the stones themselves and the energies they foster.

AYP Quality Standards

AYP stands behind all products offered at our site and back that with a money-back guarantee. Click here to see our return/exchange policy.

Choosing the best gemstones for your pendulum

I'm committed to providing distinctive, unique pendulums made with top quality materials. I guarantee my workmanship. When selecting stones to use in my pendulums, I reject any that are cracked, chipped, or otherwise inferior. This sometimes means an entire batch of gemstone points, which may have traveled halfway around the world to the AYP studio, never make the final cut to become an AYP pendulum.

Of the stones that are selected, many are just like people and have natural "birthmarks" - unique markings or color variations that Mother Nature put there while making them. Some stones, like Amethyst and Quartz, have growth lines (seams where crystals came together as they formed while in the earth). Some stones contain air bubbles (such as in Moldavite), or druzy pockets, inclusions, phantoms, and other delightful anomalies.

I never treat or dye stones or patch them with fillers. I steer clear of stones that have been artificially enhanced unless disclosed as such (for example Aqua Aura Quartz). There are  a few synthetic "stones" that I occasionally use in pendulums, such as Opalite, Goldstone (types of glass) and Swarovski brand crystals.

In all cases, the type of stone is itemized in each design's product description so that you know what you are getting.

The metal also matters

When using a pendulum, you're working with the transmission of energy, so the metal that carries this energy is a factor in the pendulum's performance. Silver is the most energy conductive metal on the planet and right behind it is copper. Sterling silver, a skin-friendly alloy made from these two metals, is exceptionally well suited to the tasks of energy conduction. 

There is a wide variety of pendulum designs here at AYP, but the metal used to make all of them is either sterling silver or solid copper - with occasional accents of 24k gold. I never use base metal alloys (such as brass, stainless steel, "german silver", etc.) in AYP pendulums.

There's more than pendulums at AYP

I specialize in creating handmade, unusual, interesting, and beautiful pendulums, but I also make jewelry, pendulum charts, pendulum-to-pendant adapters (so you can wear your pendulum). And also offer chakra stone sets, incense, as well as an ever-growing variety of accessory items, like pouches and bags, keepsake boxes, tarot, oracle, and angel decks, wands, and pocket stones.

My company, Knowing the Soul LLC, is licensed in the state of Washington and operates in the city of Everett, Washington.

Knowing the Soul is a non-religious organization that's devoted to spreading Light. We provide trustworthy metaphysical tools, materials, and information that enhance intuition, energetic balance, divine connection, healing, and joy. We believe that every individual has tremendous potential within - and the right to easily obtain tools to nurture this.