How to Use Your Pendulum to Gauge Potency

Is that baking powder I bought 3 years ago still good? Should I replace this old dried oregano? These vitamins are kinda past their pull date, maybe I should throw them out... These are questions about potency. You can gauge the potency or strength of an item with your pendulum.

For example - I don't bake a lot. In fact some of the weirder baking ingredients in my cupboard have been there since I bought them a dozen or so years ago. Figuring out if my bread yeast still has its mojo - before I start making bread (a rare event at my house) would be really helpful, so I need to gauge its potency.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers.

To begin - Hold your pendulum directly over the item - about an inch or so away - and say, "Show me potency level." A clockwise swing will show that the item still has some umph. The size of the swing will tell you how much umph. A big swing means fully potent. A weak swing means just a little potent. If you get a counter-clockwise swing or no movement at all the item has lost it's potency all together. This method works on all kinds of stuff - not just food ingredients, vitamins or drugs - try it out on fragrances, plant seeds, or anything that might vary in it's strength or degrade over time.

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