How to Use Your Pendulum to Enhance Your Intuition

This is something that's near and dear to my heart - I call it "widening the path". You see, every time you use your pendulum that's what you're doing.

Imagine a beautiful garden through which you wander and ponder important things. As you wander, you are creating a path. Each time you move through the garden this path widens, becomes easier to traverse, and the fruits of the garden become more accessible to you.

The metaphorical path I am talking about is the one that leads to your higher self. Just like an earthly garden with all kinds of greenery - some invited, some not - the path to your higher self needs attention. Travel it often and the weeds and thorny vines are kept at bay. Neglect it and they make movement difficult. Each time you use your pendulum and connect to the higher self you push the weeds back and widen the path. This generalizes to all things intuitive and spiritual. Using a pendulum will increase your abilities and effectiveness in other intuitive areas, such as meditation, healing arts, psychic vision, astral travel, tarot reading, etc.

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