How to Use Your Pendulum with a Map

Maps are great for all kinds of things, including dowsing!

Next time you have a geographical question, use your pendulum with a map. (Your pendulum doesn't need to be programmed for this task.)  Any kind of map will work. You just need to be able to lay it out flat in front of you. If you can't find the map you want - draw your own.

There are important factors to keep in mind:

  1. The map should cover only the area being considered. So, don't use a world map if your question is only going to focus on your neighborhood.
  2. Once you have your map, pick out a good "hinge point". This is where your pendulum will start from. It'll probably be off to one side, or at the bottom or top of the map. Place a dot or an "X" there.

In this example - I want to go to Hawaii for vacation. Since there are several islands to choose from, I want to pick out the one that is most suitable for me and my family. I have a map that shows all of the islands (and nothing else). I set my hinge point off to the side (I put a big "X" on the picture to show where my hinge point is).

Map of Hawaii

I will hold my pendulum over the X and say "Show me the island that is the best choice for my family's vacation this summer." Since Hawaii has seasonal weather, I know I will get even better results if I provide a specific time window. Once I get my answer, if necessary I can clarify by asking yes/no questions. "Is Maui the best choice for our vacation?" Optionally, I can then switch to a map of Maui and start narrowing my search for the specific area on the island.

You can use this technique for anything geographic. Questions about where a lost pet might be found, or where to relocate, go to school, set up a business, you name it. The possibilities are endless.

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