How to Use Your Pendulum to Check Your Polarity


"Polarity" is the direction of a magnetic or electric field. Our planet's polarity, its electromagnetic field, is an essential force that protects and affects all things on earth. This little pendulum exercise is a simple way to read your body's polarity and find out if your energy field is in harmony with the earth's energy field. This task is merely a peek into a huge topic of study, so we'll be just dipping a toe into the water with this exercise.

What you need - A pendulum and your two hands. The pendulum does not need to be programmed.

To begin - State the source of your pendulum's answers. You can do this task either standing or sitting. If sitting, put both feet flat on the floor. Hold out your left hand, palm side up. With your right hand, hold on to your pendulum so that it hovers just above your open palm, but not touching the palm. When the pendulum swings, make a note of the direction of the swing. It could be circular, in which case you need to note whether it is clock-wise or counter-clockwise. If it swings in a straight line, note that it's a straight line. Now switch hands. Repeat process and note the type of swing you get for the right hand.

How to read the results - If you are in harmony with the earth's magnetic field, your right side will produce a clockwise (positive) swing and your left side a counter-clockwise (negative) swing. The right side of the body is associated with the positive side of the earth's magnetic field and the left, with the negative side. If you get a straight line swing, this indicates an equal presence of both positive and negative on the same side.

Now, what do you do with this information? Sometimes just trying out a little task like this is enlightening enough on its own and no further action is needed. But if you are hungry for more information on the topic of polarity and electromagnetic energy as it relates to the human body, "Energy Medicine" a book by Donna Eden and David Feinstein is great place to start.

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