How to Use Your Pendulum to Detect Unwanted or Negative Energies

Sometimes a room or even a whole house holds tight to negative vibes that we can't see, but we can certainly feel. We sense something is not right, but what is it? The energy from negative events may linger long past the event (such as a family quarrel or an illness). You can use your pendulum as an energy detective.

This exercise works best if you're the only person present. For this task, you'll need a pendulum that is programmed for yes/no answers. (Click here for instructions on programming your pendulum.)

Before starting, "cleanse" both your own energy and your pendulum's energy so you don't contaminate the results. To cleanse your own energy, you can smudge yourself with sage smoke or envision a shower of white light cascading from just above your head. Next, make sure you state your pendulum's source.

Now, while standing or sitting in the room in question, ask your pendulum "Are there any negative or unwanted energies in this room?" Or you can say, "Are there energies or forces present that are not aligned with my energy?" If it's a big room, you may want to break it into sections. Look at your pendulum's response - yes/ no / or unclear? If the answer is at all unclear, it's possible that the very energies you are asking your pendulum to detect are obstructing the results. Interpret an unclear signal as "yes".

If you decide to do an energy cleansing for the room, use your pendulum afterwards to see how successful you were. Ask the question again "Are there any negative or unwanted energies in this room?" If there are, change the wording of your question to get more clarity. You could say "Is there a particular item in this room that is holding on to negative energy?" Narrowing the field by asking increasingly more specific questions will allow you to focus in on the source of the trouble. It may be that the furniture layout itself is creating energetic tension that might be dissolved simply by moving a chair or table.

*Recommended book: Sacred Space by Denise Linn

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