How to Use Your Pendulum to Identify Your Resonant Color

Color is a form of visible light. It's electromagnetic energy and each color has a different wave length. Color has the power to affect our emotional state, mental focus, inner balance, and physical health. The intentional use of color has been studied for decades and it has a huge variety of applications.

Color therapy, also known as "chromotherapy" is a type of energy healing. According to chromotherapy, each of us has a particular color to which our true self resonates. It is called our "resonant color" and it differs from person to person. You can use a pendulum to determine what your resonate color is.

For this task, you'll need a piece of white paper, markers or pens in these 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple, and pink. And you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers.

Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers. For this exercise, I recommend a neutral color pendulum - such as colorless quartz, black onyx , black obsidian, or hematite. Also, you'll want to get real relaxed for this one, perhaps do a little meditation before beginning.

With each one of the colored pens, write your name on the piece of paper - leaving space in between each color. If you don't have the colored pens - you can create this personal color sheet on a computer and print it on a color printer. Place the paper with your name in colors on a flat surface in front of you. Hold your pendulum about an inch above each color and ask "Is this my resonate color?" Slide the paper up or down as you go to move to the next color. The one that produces the largest "yes" is your resonate color.

Don't be surprised if it turns out that your resonant color is different from your "favorite" color. When you know your resonant color you can use this information to enhance your natural vibrational energy. Surround yourself with your resonant color. Keep it in mind when you buy clothes or pick out furnishings or objects for your environment. This doesn't mean that you only want the resonant color in your life. Be sensitive to the power that other colors may have on you too. You can use the same technique to determine which color your energy is lacking or deficient in.

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