How to Use Your Pendulum to Select Small Objects with a Rainbow Arch

A good way to make a selection from several small objects is to lay them out in front of you on a flat surface in an arched fashion - like a rainbow that meets the horizon on both sides.

You can do this exercise with a wide variety of small objects: essence oils, incense, jewelry, coins, energy stones, food ingredients, etc.. Any group of small objects will work.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers.

To begin - We're going use a handful of small rocks (energy stones) in this example. Let's say you want to pick out a stone to carry in your pocket today - something that will provide you with just the right kind of energy. Lay out the stones in a rainbow arch in front of you. Another way to think of this layout is to envision the top half of a wagon wheel - with you at the wheel's center. This is called the hinge-point and it's where you hold your pendulum, about an inch or two above the objects. Now, ask your pendulum, "Which stone will help me the most if I carry it in my pocket today?" Give it some time - the pendulum may need to do a few warm-up passes before it's ready. When it settles into a straight-line, directional swing, it will point to or pass over the object.

If your pendulum doesn't give you a straight-line swing, but instead goes in clockwise swing - it's telling you any or all are suitable. If you get a counter-clockwise swing - then its telling you that it's a no on all of them.

If you've selected a stone but want to verify your choice, you can ask your pendulum about the choice. Holding your pendulum just above the stone ask, "Is this the best stone for me to carry today?" It will answer using your programmed yes/no signals.

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