How to Use Your Pendulum to Read the Tarot (without Tarot Cards)

Reading Tarot cards is a wonderful way to achieve tremendous clarity, insight, and wisdom. But maybe you don't have a Tarot deck... or maybe you just prefer to use your pendulum whenever possible (amen to that!). You can tap into the wisdom of the Tarot by using your pendulum and the two-sided chart shown below. This chart is available as a downloadable pdf at our Etsy shop.


Above is a two-sided pendulum chart for reading the Tarot without actual cards.

How to use

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that you've programmed for yes/no answers, the chart shown above, and some Tarot knowledge or a Tarot reference book. Click here for instructions on programming your pendulum. Also, before beginning, be sure you state the source of your pendulum's answers.

Lay the pie chart (side one is the top image) face up and flat on a table.

Hold your pendulum directly over the chart's hinge-point (the spot the arrow points at) and ask, "What is life's lesson today?" Wait for the pendulum to show you the card (or cards) that contain the answer. Your pendulum may begin in a circular or even an erratic swing. Be patient and it will eventually evolve into a directional swing - outwards from the point, over one or more wedges in the chart. When it settles into a consistent directional swing above one wedge, it is indicating the card shown in that wedge.

You can use the images on side two (the second image above) to take a closer look at a card or cards selected by your pendulum. Sometimes just looking at the card triggers something in your awareness. If it helps, you can isolate the card by covering up the other card images around it with blank sheets of paper. You can also refer to your favorite Tarot book to get a handle on the implied meaning of the card as it relates to your question.

To verify a selected card, place side two of the chart face up and flat on a table. Locate the card in question and hold your pendulum about 1/2" above its image. If your pendulum is already programmed for yes/no answers, you can simply ask, "Is this the right card?" and watch for a yes/no/maybe answer.

Another way to verify a card is to say "Confirm if this is the right card." If pendulum swings clockwise, it's verified (confirmed). If it swings counter-clockwise or is unclear, you'll want to go back to the side one chart to re-ask or even rephrase the question. You may have other questions than the example given here, such as, "Help me understand the significance of _______ (this could be an event or synchronicity that you want to explore the meaning of)". Whatever you can ask the cards, you can ask this chart.

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