How to Use Your Pendulum to Find Lost Objects

It seems like I'm constantly looking for my car keys. I have a hook by the back door for my keys, but they're rarely on it. I also lose my cell phone and my reading glasses several times a day. The cell phone I can find by calling it, and the glasses, usually by sitting on them, but the car keys are more elusive. I think I'm not alone in this. If you need to find your stuff, here's how.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure to state the source of your pendulum's answers.

There are two methods we're using in this exercise:

For the sake of this example, we'll assume that you lost your keys at home.

To begin - State the source of your pendulum's answers. Then, envision what your keys look like. Hold that image in your mind's eye and focus on it as you begin your search by asking, "Is now the right time to look for my car keys". Or you can say, "Do my car keys want to be found right now?" If you get a "no", maybe there's a reason you lost them in the first place and you may want to explore that aspect before proceeding with your search.

Otherwise, assuming you got a yes to the question, continue by asking, "Are my car keys inside this house (or apartment)?". If the answer is yes, proceed to the next step.

        If you have more than one floor in your home, you next need to identify which floor to search. For example - while you are on the first floor, ask your pendulum, "Are my car keys on this floor?" If the answer is no - move to the next floor and ask the question again.

        Once you have the floor established, you can move to the next step and identify which the room the keys are in. You'll ask your pendulum, "Are my car keys in the family room (or bedroom, etc.)?" Ask the question for each potential room until you get a yes and then go to that room.

        While standing at its entrance, ask your pendulum to show you which direction to go. Say "Show me the direction of my car keys". A straight-line swing is what you're looking for and it will point the way*. Enter the room and go about half way across the room, in the direction your pendulum showed. Then ask, "Am I standing near my car keys?" If the answer is no, ask your pendulum to show you which direction to go again. You can ask clarifying questions, such as "Am I facing the direction that my keys are in?" or "Are my car keys inside or underneath something?"

        An alternative to this method is to use a drawing of your home. Sketch the layout of the rooms. Holding your pendulum at either the bottom or at the side of the drawing, say "show me which room the car keys are in." Again, you're looking for a straight-line swing. If your pendulum swings over more than one room in the drawing, ask a clarifying question, such as "Are my car keys in the kitchen?"

        *If you get a circular swing when you ask for a directional swing, there may be an obstruction or energetic barrier between you and the keys. You can move further into the room and ask for a directional swing again. If the pendulum continues to do a circular swing, this is not the right room (or perhaps not the right time to search?) and you need to repeat the first few steps.

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