Metaphysical Properties of Garnet

Garnet inspires love, devotion, and self-confidence. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, rids you of unconscious self- sabotage, and fortifies courage and hope.

Black Garnet stimulates creativity and dissolves feelings of isolation or alienation. It realigns the body's magnetic fields. Black Garnet resonates with the base chakra.

Green Garnet (Grossular) teaches relaxation and helps you go with the flow. It inspires service and cooperation.

Red Garnet is activates the first chakra and is also attuned to the heart. It revitalizes loving feelings, enhances sexuality, and helps you control anger, including self anger. Red Garnet resonates with the base and heart chakras.

Spessartite Garnet, also known as Garnet of the Sun, Spessartine, Orange Garnet, and Mandarin Garnet, is one of the most rare forms of Garnet. It promotes creativity, enhances the analytical mind, and help you focus on your goals. Spessartite Garnet resonates with the sacral chakra.

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