Pendulum Chain Separates

Pendulum Separates

Choose your orb and choose your chain - à la carte style from our Separates collection. Put them together to create your own special pendulum with the gemstone and symbolic fob that suits your intention. Mix it up or mix and match. Combined with a Mini-Orb or other small pendant, these pretty little bundles of energy make beautiful cascading pendants as well as fully functional pendulums. Choose from a over a dozen different chains to start building your very own special collection.

Energetically, silver is considered the Moon's metal and can be used to enhance the psychic mind and intuitive powers. "Sterling Silver" is an alloy of two metals. In order to be called "sterling silver," by law, it must contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal, which is typically copper. Our chains and fobs are all made with quality sterling silver throughout. We don't use any "base metals" or other non-conductive alloys.