Mini-Orb Separates

Pendulum Separates

Choose your orb and choose your chain - à la carte style. Put them together to create your own special pendulum with the gemstone and symbolic fobs that suit your intention. Mini-Orbs are sold as separate components, so you can mix it up. These pretty little bundles of gemstone energy make beautiful pendants or, when combined with a pendulum chain, become fully functional mini-pendulums. Choose from a over a dozen different stone types (with more on the way), to start building your very own special collection of Mini-Orbs (and Mini-Pendies)!

Size 1 Mini-Orbs (including mounting and top loop) are about 7/8" high by 1/2" wide (12mm) and size 2 are about 1" high by 5/8" wide (14mm).