Metaphysical Properties of Diopside

The name Diopside is derived from Greek and means "two views". It is a creative, grounding, and protective stone. It helps you visualize and manifest your goals. It helps integrate human spirit with the living planet Earth, allowing you to better see and explore your connection to nature. It creates a grounding cord of light connecting heart energy to Earth energy. It facilitates spiritual growth and stimulates intellectual and creative energies. As a healing stone, it is especially good at allowing you to "let go" of what needs to go - grief, anger, stress and/or anxiety.

Chrome Diopside is deep green (due to the presence of the mineral Chrome). It opens your eyes to Universal Love. It helps you cleanse buried emotions with healing tears. It opens the inner heart, teaches humility, fosters compassion, and facilitates forgiveness. It resonates with the heart chakra.

Black or Black Star Diopside is grounding and protective. Under certain conditions, it shows a 4 ray "star" - an optical illusion caused by the reflection of its needle-shaped crystal formation. Black Diopside direcly links your aura to the electromagnetic field of Earth, neutralizing negative energies as they are returned to the planet. It resonates with the base chakra.

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