5. Throat Chakra - the Communication Center

Position of chakra 5 on the human body
Chakra 5 Symbol

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha
Translation: “Purification”
Location: Throat
Color: Blue (also Light Blue)
Vibrational Sound: “HAM”
Musical Scale Note: G
Element: Sound
Right(s): To Speak, Be Heard
Affirmation: “I am honest.”

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Vishuddha" (pronounced “vee-shoo-duh”). It's associated with communication, honesty, seeking and speaking the truth, self-expression, personal integrity, listening, rhythm, timing, and creative expression.

Gemstones that resonate with and are used to activate and/or balance this chakra are Angelite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, and Amazonite.

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Affirmations for Chakra Five


  • I seek the truth.
  • I speak the truth.
  • I am connected to sound.
  • The world around me is like a symphony - exhilarating or soothing, it lifts my soul with nourishing rhythms and melodies.
  • I express my thoughts and feelings with conviction.
  • I speak from my heart.
  • I am heard.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I allow the world to see, hear, and know the real me.
  • I act with integrity.
  • I live and breathe an authentic life.
  • I nurture my soul with creative expression.
  • My energy resonates with sincerity, honesty, integrity, and honor.