Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart - Laminated or Download

This is an AYP exclusive full color chart with instructions on the flip side. Use it to read the Tarot with your pendulum (no Tarot cards are needed). Chart measures 8 1/2"11" (laminated chart is 9" x 11 1/2").

This chart is available in two formats: Laminated or Digital Download.If you opt for the digital download, a link will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase.

The Laminated version of this chart is physical item that will be shipped to you.

Note: The purchased versions of this chart (digital download and laminated hard-copy) do not have the large copyright watermark across it.

A note from the creator of Ask Your Pendulum: This chart is the product of my own hard work, research and/or creativity, to which I hold the copyright thereto and reserve all rights. If you are purchasing the download, you may print this chart out for your own use as often as you like. However, you may not distribute, publish, project in any way, or display on any internet website without my express written permission.

How to use this chart

You'll need a pendulum that you've programmed for yes/no answers, this chart and some Tarot knowledge or a Tarot reference book.

Lay the chart face up and flat on a table. Hold your pendulum directly over the chart's hinge-point (the spot the arrow points at) and ask your question, such as, "What is life's lesson today?" Wait for the pendulum to show you the card (or cards) that contain the answer. Your pendulum may begin in a circular or even an erratic swing. Be patient and it will eventually evolve into a directional swing - outwards from the point, over one or more wedges in the chart. When it settles into a consistent directional swing above one wedge, it is indicating the card shown in that wedge.

You can use the images on page two to take a closer look at a card or cards selected by your pendulum. Sometimes just looking at the card image triggers something in your awareness. If it helps, you can isolate the card by covering up the other images around it with blank sheets of paper. You can also refer to your favorite Tarot book to get a handle on the implied meaning of the card as it relates to your question.

If you'd like to verify that the card your pendulum selected is the one the pendulum intended for you, place side two face up and flat on a table. Locate the card in question and hold your pendulum about 1/2" above its image. If your pendulum is already programmed for yes/no answers, you can simply ask, "Is this the right card?" and watch for a yes/no/maybe answer.

Another way to verify a card is to say "Confirm if this is the right card." If your pendulum swings clockwise, it's verified (confirmed). If it swings counter-clockwise or is unclear, you'll want to go back to the chart to re-ask your question, or perhaps rephrase the question if it was too vague. Another way to ask a question that provides the guidance you seek:, "Help me understand the significance of _______ (this could be an event or synchronicity that you want to explore the meaning of)". Whatever you can ask the cards, you can ask this chart.