Chakra Pendulum Chart

  • This chart is available in two formats: Laminated (in two sizes) or Digital Download. If you opt for the digital download version, a link will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase, which you can print out on your own printer. Note: The purchased versions of this chart do not have the large copyright watermark across it.

    Check your chakras
    with this chart. The Laminated Chakra Pendulum Chart is available in two sizes, a convenient 5.25" X 8.25" chart that small enough to fit in a handbag or ipad case, or the full-size chart which is 9" x 11 1/2". This is an AYP exclusive full color chart with instructions on the flip side. Laminated chart is physical item that will be shipped to you.

    A note from the creator of Ask Your Pendulum: This chart is the product of my own hard work, research and/or creativity, to which I hold the copyright thereto and reserve all rights. If you are purchasing the download, you may print this chart out for your own use as often as you like. However, you may not distribute, publish, project in any way, or display on any internet website without my express written permission.
  • Lay the chart flat on a desk or table and hold your pendulum over the area at the center of the chart (where the pointer indicates). Ask your pendulum to identify specific states or energy levels. For example, you can ask "Show me which chakra has the highest energy today." Or, "Show me which chakra needs attention most right now." You can even ask specific questions designed to help narrow down issues that you may already be aware of. For instance, if you are feeling anxious, you could ask, "Which chakra is contributing to my sense of anxiety today?" Then study the attributes of that chakra (as listed on the chart) to see if you can focus in on the problem.
    Remember to phrase your questions so that the pendulum can answer clearly. If you asked, "How are my chakras?" over this chart, your pendulum won't be able to answer because the question is too vague. A better question might be, "Which chakras are open?" or "Which chakras are closed?". You'd then read the pendulum as it swings directionally over the various wedges on the chart. Watch as it swings directionally through each wedge that fits the answer to your question question. If only a few chakras are in open, the pendulum will swing through those and then may stop, or it may return to the first one indicated. If it swings in a clockwise circle, this indicates all chakras. Counter-clockwise indicates no chakras.

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