Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

Shungite is a stone for energetic alignment at the cellular level. It is a calming, comforting, grounding stone with very unusual properties. This ancient mineral is made almost entirely of pure carbon resulting in the only stone known to contain "fullerenes", a special type of molecule believed to be a powerful antioxidant with tremendous healing benefits.

Shungite has been used for centuries in its native Russia for both healing and water purification. At the spiritual level, Shungite cleanses and aligns all particles of the body, allowing them access to a rapid connection with divine light. Shungite is also considered a stone of truth, making its holder physically uncomfortable with anything but the truth. It dispels negativity and disharmony and helps you let go of deep-seated feelings of guilt, fear, and shame. It can help you clear away negative and/or defensive behavior patterns that are stored in the brain's notoriously stubborn amygdala. Shungite resonates with the base chakra.

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