Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant - Celtic

Comes in a pretty gift box with symbol energy information and includes a small, reusable polishing cloth. Does not include neck chain.

  • Elegant Tree of Life pendant in beautifully cast, sturdy, skin-friendly sterling silver. Expertly finished details in a slight domed disk with Celtic style knot-work that weave the spreading tree's branches and roots into an exquisite filigree design. Back side of pendant is a slightly convex, smooth polished surface. Measures 1 1/16" wide and 1 7/16" tall (including bail).  See related items below to add a neck chain to your pendant.

    The fob in the AYP pendulum called "Point of Connection" (available in several different stone types) uses a smaller version of the same tree of life design in this pendant.
  • The Tree of Life is a universal symbol recognized by a vast array of cultures and traditions. It symbolizes wisdom, protection, strength, abundance, connection to earth, fertility, beauty, longevity and redemption. A powerful symbol for growth and development, the Tree of Life is also regarded as the life-giving source that provides shelter, sustenance and nourishment for the soul's journey to enlightenment.

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