Sterling Silver Chalice Well Pendant

Celtic style pendant of the Chalice Well symbol in beautifully cast, sturdy, skin-friendly sterling silver. Back side of pendant is a flat, smooth polished surface. Measures 7/8" wide and 1 1/3" tall (including bail).

Comes in a pretty gift box with symbol energy information and a small, reusable polishing cloth. Pendant not include neck chain.To add a neck chain to this pendant, see the "Perfect Companions" items below, or click here to view all of our neck chains.


This ancient symbol has roots in both Pagan and Christian cultures and is called the Chalice Well because it was found adorning the lid of the famous Chalice Well near Glastonbury, England, which is said to be the site where the Holy Grail was long ago placed. The well draws from a spring of healing waters that sometimes flow red. It's also called Visica Pisces, which means "fish bladder". The symbol is made up of two overlapping circles bisected by a vertical line down the center (thought to represent Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur), creating a design that somewhat resembles two overlapping peace signs. The space between the two circles represents a bridge between heaven and earth, or a gateway between inner and outer worlds, also known as the Akashic field.