Sterling Silver Adjustable Length 30" Diamond Cut Rope Neck Chain

Sterling silver diamond-cut rope neck chain - 1.4mm thick with lobster claw clasp, adjustable length up to 30". Made in Italy.

Love your pendulum? Wear it! This is an excellent neck chain for wearing your pendulum as a pendant (and works perfect with all of our Pendulum-to-Pendant adapters), or even by itself - it's just that pretty. This sterling silver diamond-cut rope chain features a movable silicone-lined bead that allows you to adjust the chain length to any length up to 30" (maximum). The end of the chain is finished with a sweet little sterling silver heart charm.

The precision diamond cuts on this medium-weight, classic rope chain give it extra sparkle, depth, and shine. It's plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white color and to help protect against tarnish.

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