Set of Seven Chakra Glass Dome Memo Magnets with Stick-Anywhere Memo Bar

Handmade here at the Knowing the Soul studio, this colorful set of seven "Chakra Blossom" chakra symbol glass dome memo magnets with stick-anywhere memo bar is beautifully packaged in a clear box, making it a wonderful gift item for someone special.

These are strong ceramic ferrite magnets that can be used on any metal surface (such as a file cabinet, refrigerator, etc.) or you can mount the included "stick-anywhere" memo bar to a convenient surface and have your magnets right where you want them.

Details and Package Contents

Each magnet measures approximately 1" wide and 1/2" high. Memo bar measures 8" long, 1" high and 1/8" thick. Instructions for mounting are printed on the package label.

Each set is packaged in a clear vinyl box and includes:
- 7 memo magnets - one for each of the seven chakras,
- 1 Stick-anywhere memo bar,
- 2 Double-sided mounting tapes for memo bar.