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"Cast" your runes with this AYP exclusive pendulum chart, which provides a way for you to cast (select and read) runes using just this chart and your pendulum (pendulum not included). Actual rune stones are not needed.

Designed and created here at the AYP studio, this sweet little coaster-style pendulum chart features a protective "Helm of Awe" symbol (see "Add'l Info" tab regarding its symbolism) over ethereal, electrified clouds of lavender, blue, and peachy-pink.

The chart's artwork is permanently embedded into its specially coated glossy surface that won't fade or chip over time. This chart measures 4" across and is made of medium density engineered wood and has a cork back to keep it from slipping. Includes instruction booklet.

This design is also available in an 8" round aluminum chart (click here to view).

A note from the creator of Ask Your Pendulum: This chart is the product of my own hard work, research and/or creativity, to which I hold the copyright thereto and reserve all rights.

Click here for tips and more information about how to use pendulum charts.

Add'l Info

Caring for your chart

To remove smudges and fingerprints from surface of your chart, gently wipe with tissue or use a damp cloth. You can use mild hand or dish soap if needed. Avoid harsh cleansers or scrub brushes.

About Runes

Runes can be very helpful when you have limited information and need some clues to help you discover deeper meaning or to see the big picture.

Runes are a form of divination utilizing characters (called "runes" or "rune stones") from ancient Nordic and/or Germanic alphabet systems. Traditionally, a "runes set" comprises small stones or pieces of wood (all similarly sized), each bearing one of the 24 runic characters and kept together in a pouch. This pendulum chart provides a way for you to read runes by using just this chart and your pendulum, so no actual rune stones are needed. 

Runes can be very helpful when you have limited information and need some clues to help you discover deeper meaning or to see the big picture.

The exact origins of runes are unknown. This chart is based on the Elder Futhark version. Runes are not a form of fortune-telling and they don’t provide exact answers or specific advice. They provide hints to the answers you seek and let you use your intuition to work out the details.

Note: The “Runes” pendulum chart is based on the “Elder Futhark” runic alphabet. On both the pendulum chart and the meaning table, the rune symbols are arranged into three “ættirs” or sets: Freyr/Freyja’sættir relates to creation, Heimdall’sættir relates to human elements, and Tyr’sættir relates to our journey to the divine.  Since all the runes on this chart are right side up, reversals (upside-down runes) may not be applicable here. However reversal meanings, if any (not all runes are reversible) are included in the meanings table.

Helm of Awe Symbolism

The bold eight-armed symbol featured on this chart is called the “Helm of Awe” or “Ægishjálmr”. It’s a protective, ancient Norse symbol that signifies victory, courage, and fearlessness. Legend says that the Helm of Awe was a mystical orb, taken from a dragon’s hoard. It was used by Viking warriors to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. When activated, the Helm of Awe connects with the wearer’s or holder’s pineal gland and its awesome power emanates sun rays from both the orb (or the symbol for it) and its wearer’s/holder’s eyes.

How to Use

To use this chart, you’ll also need a pendulum, pencil and paper.

  1. Clear your mind of expectations and predictions.
  2. Place the chart on a flat surface in front of you, positioned with Runes symbols in the top half and the “Helm of Awe” symbol in the lower half. If possible, sit up straight and put both feet flat on the floor.
  3. Decide on the type of rune layout you will use. See page 3 for examples of rune layouts.
  4. Decide how you want to phrase your inquiry. You may find it helpful to write it down before proceeding. Here are examples: “Help me prepare for my trip to San Francisco next week.” Or, “What is today’s life lesson?” Or, “Help me understand ______________ (fill in the blank).”
  5. Grasp the top bead or fob of your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger and arch your wrist slightly. Hold your pendulum so that it dangles about 1/2 inch above the hinge-point (the white dot at the center of the chart). Steady your elbow on the table, but not your hand that holds the pendulum. Let the pendulum dangle directly above the chart’s hinge-point.
  6. Ask your question. Allow the pendulum as much time as it needs to get started.
  7. Read the answer. When it’s ready to answer, the pendulum’s motion will straighten into a steady swing that goes out and back, swinging between the hinge point and the chart’s outer edge. When your pendulum repeatedly slices the same wedge, write it down and, if applicable, continue on for the next rune in the layout. When you have selected all the runes for your reading, use the Rune Meanings list below to decipher the overall message.

Note: If the pendulum swings in a clockwise circle instead of in a slicing motion, clarification of your topic is needed. If it swings in a counter-clockwise motion, now is not the time to ask.

During the answering process, if you aren’t sure which rune your pendulum is pointing to, you can move off the chart and, with your pendulum programmed for yes/no answers, ask, “Is ___________ (insert name of rune you aren't sure of) the correct rune?”

Rune Meanings

Fehu- Wealth, earned income, achievement, abundance, prosperity, success, being charitable. 

Uruz- Strength, vitality, courage, change, opportunity, sacrifice, new responsibility.

Thurisaz- Protection, lucky break, conflict, reactive force, barrier or obstacle, a warning to be careful.

Ansuz -The spoken word, wisdom, advice, apprenticeship, letting go of burdens.

Raidho- Journey, travel, movement, favorable business development, written message.

Kenaz- Gifts, good omen, good health, healing, strength, protection, creativity, knowledge, inspiration.

Gebo- Gifts, generosity, partnership, love, successful collaboration, contracts, wisdom or the gift of wisdom.

Wunjo- Joy, success, restored balance, harmony, creative expression, prosperity, fellowship.

Hagalaz- Hailstorm, loss, destruction, disruption/delay due to outside forces. If combined with Perthro, may indicate unexpected financial windfall.

Nauthis- Need, delay, endurance, constraint, conservation, vulnerability, necessity for change.

Isa - Stagnation, freeze, preservation, delay, procrastination, introspection, meditation.

Jera - Full cycle or year, harvest, justice, peace, prosperity, rejuvenation, maturity, patience. If combined with Hagalaz, Nauthiz or Wyrd, indicates you may have taken a wrong path.

Eihwaz- Flexibility, endurance, longevity, fortitude, success, opportunity, optimism, protection.

Perthro- Financial windfall, good luck, secrets, mystery, intuition, hidden things, magic, precognition, evolutionary change, fellowship.

Algiz- Protection, spiritual connection, friendship, alliance, defense, awakening, guardian.

Sowilo- Sunlight, success, victory, vitality, high energy, goal achievement, personal power, wholeness, elemental force, return of robust health.

Tiwaz- Symbol of the warrior, victory, tenacity, justice, leadership, authority, honor, passion.

Berkana- Fertility, nurturance, family, rites of passage, new relationships or endeavors.

Ehwaz- Travel, loyalty, movement, change, harmony, teamwork, trust, steady progress.

Mannaz- Humankind (the self or as a group), social order, culture, cooperation, awareness.

Laguz - Water, sea, healing, the hidden, the deep, intuition, inner voice, dreams, renewal.

Ingwaz - Completion, fruition, fertility, common sense, gestation, internal growth, common sense, deserved time of rest, new beginning, fresh start.

Dagaz - Prosperity, light, dawn, breakthrough, awakening, time to embark on new enterprise, hope, happiness, security, certainty, balance.

Othala - Possession, legacy, inheritance, property, home, group prosperity, source of safety, abundance.

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