"Repair and Improve" 10 Minute Meditation Music Track by Theo Radke

10 minute meditation music track for healing and vitality, with 432Hz tuning, including three sacred Gregorian solfège frequencies and binaural beats. See below for more information and listen to a track preview.

  • I'm very pleased to introduce you to a wonderfully talented new artist, my son, Theo Radke, a brilliant musician who's creative approach to the energy of sound and the power of music is deeply inspiring.

    About this track: "Repair and Improve" is a ten minute meditation track designed for healing and vitality. With 432Hz tuning, binaural beats, three sacred Gregorian solfège frequencies, there are essentially two parts to the song. The first half is for REPAIR on a cellular level with the use of 528Hz, and the second half is to IMPROVE life by removing energetic debris and produce energy to change your life for the positive with the use of 417Hz. 396Hz is also used for similar effects. The song is great for a ten minute meditation session anytime of day, especially if you want to end your meditation without feeling “airy” and/or “sluggish.”

    For the best results of this meditation, we recommend listening with quality headphones if you have them (for the binaural beats) at a comfortable volume level and somewhere you can relax and close your eyes, letting the tones take you away on your journey of healing! Optional affirmations/mantras for the first half, “My body is repairing itself,” or “I am healing.” For the second half of the song, “The quality of my life is improving,” “Life is getting better,” or simply, “Life is good!”.

    Tip: Frequent use of this track may accelerate needed changes in your life, removing negative aspects (i.e., people, things, and/or occurrences).

    You can listen to a preview of both parts of this track by clicking below.

  • My mom (Eva Browning) and I have kicked around the idea for years for me to produce meditation music and feature it here on her website. It’s exciting to get the ball rolling with Repair and Improve, the first of many meditation tracks I'll be producing.

    Thank you for your support and keep on the lookout for more meditation tracks to come!

    With Love,
    Theo Radke

  • - MP3 file format.
    - Digital download file size 18.1 MB.
    - Song duration: 10 minutes.
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