One of a Kind #368 - Shungite and Sterling Silver Pendulum with 5 Weight-Stones


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This is an original, One-of-a-Kind pendulum design- meaning there is only one of this particular pendulum and it is available for immediate shipment.

Pendulum Materials

  • Weight-stones: Shungite
    Shapes: Plato's Five Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron (Cube), Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron. Please note: Weight-stones are handcrafted from natural stone, and are not precision cut, though most are pretty close.
    Color: black
    Mounting: varies by weight-stone
  • Metal: Sterling Silver throughout
  • Chain clasp: lobster claw (1x)
  • Fob: Pleasingly thick Pentacle symbol (a five point star inside a circle) with decorative loop-di-loops. Front is contoured, detailed and polished. Back of fob is polished smooth.

Pendulum Measurements

  • Pendulum's overall length: 8 3/4" (varies slightly depending on weight-stone)
  • Chain length (including clasp): 7 1/2"
  • Weight-stone: 1" high x 3/4" wide (varies slightly depending on weight-stone)
  • Fob: 1" high by 7/8" wide, 2 mm thick

All measurements are close approximates. All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small polishing cloth, pendulum use and care instructions.


All of our pendulums are designed and created by AYP pendulum maker, Eva Browning (that's me!) When I am able to, I love to create special designs that are limited to a single piece, like the one shown here. These original, "One-of-a-kind" designs only come around a few times a year and feature premium quality weight-stones, gemstones and sterling silver components that I craft into unique, meaningful, functional works of art.

Fob Symbolism

The Pentacle symbol is a circle around a 5 point star (also known as a Pentagram). It both contains and protects. The circle, which symbolizes eternity, infinity, and the cycles of life and nature, touches all five points of the star within, demonstrating that spirit, earth, air, water and fire are all connected. In the Tarot, the pentacle is a symbol of earthly matters, health, money, home, but it also relates to peace, faith, charity, abundance, equality, generosity, reciprocity, trust, responsibility, groundedness and determination.

Weight-Stone Symbolism

The foundation of Sacred Geometry, the five Platonic solids were believed to be the building blocks of everything in the Universe. To the ancient Greeks,they symbolize fire, earth, air, spirit (or ether) and water.

  • Tetrahedron: 4 faces, 4 points, 6 edges
  • Hexahedron (Cube): 6 faces, 8 points, 12 edges
  • Octahedron: 6 faces, 6 points, 12 edges
  • Icosahedron: 20 faces, 12 points, 30 edges
  • Dodecahedron: 12 faces, 20 points, 30 edges