One of a Kind #365 - Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Iolite, Aquamarine, Chrome Diopside, Citrine, Carnelian, Garnet and Sterling Silver Pendulum


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This is an original, One-of-a-Kind pendulum design, meaning there is only one of this particular pendulum and it is available for immediate shipment.

Pendulum Materials

  • Weight-stone: Clear Quartz
    Color: super clear, bright energy
    Shape: multi-sided tapered point
    Top mount: Smooth polished dome
  • Metal: Sterling silver throughout
  • Chain accents: Amethyst, Iolite, Aquamarine, Chrome Diopside, Citrine, Carnelian, and Garnet.
  • Chain clasp: lobster claw (2x). Both weight-stone and fob are detachable from the chain and can be worn separately as pendants.
  • Fob: Spring hinged circle charm holder that can hold all seven of the included chakra symbol charms (one each for chakras one through seven). This clever mechanism is nearly invisible and easy to use. Hinge pushes in to add or remove charms. You can remove all of the charms from the charm holder and wear them separately as pendants. You can also put different charms on the charm holder if you wish. Each of the chakra charms is beautifully cast and polished on both sides.

    Pendulum Measurements

    • Pendulum's overall length: 9 1/8"
    • Chain length (including clasp): 6 5/8"
    • Weight-stone: 1 5/8" long x 5/8" wide at the shoulders
    • Fob has 8 parts:
      Charm holder: 1" high by 5/8" wide
      Chakra charms:

    All measurements are close approximates. All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

    Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small polishing cloth, pendulum use and care instructions. As a bonus, this pendulum also includes our Seven Chakras Info and Affirmations card set.


    All of our pendulums are designed and created by AYP pendulum maker, Eva Browning (that's me!) When I am able to, I love to create special designs that are limited to a single piece, like the one shown here. These original, "One-of-a-kind" designs only come around a few times a year and feature premium quality weight-stones, gemstones and sterling silver components that I craft into unique, meaningful, functional works of art.


    A chakra is a spinning portal into the body’s complex energy system. There are seven major chakras. Each chakra acts as a focal point for reception and transmission of life force energies and has its own set of specific attributes and functions.

    1. Base or Root Chakra - the Survival Center
    The Sanskrit name for Chakra One is "Muladhara". It's associated with connection to Earth, grounding, stability, balance, nourishment, ability to trust, sense of belonging, physical health, strength, family, roots, security, survival, and prosperity.

    2. Sacral Chakra - the Emotional Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Svadhisthana". It's associated with fluidity, movement, adaptability, physical pleasure, sexuality, reproduction, creativity energy, emotions, sensation, nurturance, intimacy, passion, and desire.

    3. Solar Plexus Chakra - the Power Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Manipura". It's associated with vitality, self-esteem, confidence, self-control, responsibility, reliability, will, personal power, courage, honor, pride, autonomy, purpose, spontaneity, sense of humor, and playfulness.

    4. Heart Chakra - the Relationship Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Anahata". It's associated with compassion, love, gratitude, forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance, intimacy, empathy, relationships, devotion, generosity, and altruism.

    5. Throat Chakra - the Communication Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Vishuddha". It's associated with communication, honesty, seeking and speaking the truth, self-expression, personal integrity, listening, rhythm, timing, and creative expression.

    6. Brow or Third Eye Chakra - the Intuition Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Ajna". It's associated with intuition, perception, imagination, insight, visualization, discovery, memory, synchronicity, clairvoyance, psychic gifts, and dream recall.

    7. Crown Chakra - the Enlightenment Center
    The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Sahasrara". It's associated with your connection to the universe, wisdom, awareness, consciousness, spirituality, meaning, inner joy, peace, and wholeness.