"In Protective Light" Shungite, Amber, Jet and Sterling Silver Pendulum

"In Protective Light" utilizes an ancient symbol of protection, the "Hand of Fatima", also known as the "Hamsa Hand". It's teamed up with a trio of grounding, healing and protective stones: Shungite, Jet, and Baltic Amber.

The Shungite mini-wand/pencil-point weight-stone is set in an elegant Arabesque style sterling silver mounting. A highly unusual stone, Shungite is the only stone on earth known to contain antioxidants (fullerene molecules). This stone is black with occasional metallic streaks or marks. This beautifully polished, hexagonal point suspends on a detachable sterling silver chain that's accented with smooth, round, alternating beads of Jet and Baltic Amber.

The fob (holding piece) is a beautifully cast, wonderfully intricate, filigreed "Hand of Fatima" in sterling silver. For measurements and other details, click the "Details" tab.


Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small reusable polishing pad, pendulum use and care instructions.

An ancient symbol, the "Hand of Fatima"crosses over several religious and cultural boundaries. Over many centuries, it has become a known universal symbol of protection. It protects against the "evil eye", a term that represents a broad range of negativity - including our own internal fears. This symbol is also known as the Hamsa Hand, Hand of Miriam, and Hand of Mary.

Measurements - Overall length of pendulum is 7 1/2". The chain length (including clasp) is 4 1/2". Weight-stone measures 1 1/2" from top loop to point. All measurements are close approximates.

All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

Wear it!

How to wear this pendulum: This pendulum's chain has a clasp that allows you to detach the weight-stone so you can wear it as a pendant - simply by slipping it onto your own neck chain or satin cord. Or you can wear the whole pendulum by using a pendulum-to-pendant adapter, or simply by threading a neck chain or cord through one of the links in the pendulum's chain and letting both ends dangle. (Adapter and neck chain sold separately - see related items below.)

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