Gentle Energy Cleansing Kit


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This kit uses the cleansing energy of natural stones combined with the power of written intent. This simple, beautiful system does not use corrosive salts or liquids and is completely safe for all crystals, stones, and metals, including sterling silver.

You'll get the best results from your pendulum, healing crystals, and energy stones if their energy is periodically cleansed. Exclusively from AYP, this kit is designed to gently, safely cleanse the energy of your crystals, pendulums, energy stones and jewelry.

Kit is available in three styles:

  • Divine Light: "Cleansing purifying radiating divine light - Find me, fill me, and free me of all negativity",
  • Chakra Symbols - Shows the seven chakra symbols,
  • Words of Wisdom: "Truth, Integrity, Balance, Wisdom, Honesty, Patience, Clarity". 

Kit Contents


  • Brushed steel cleansing can with acrylic windowed lid. Each can is wrapped with empowering words of intent or chakra symbols. Cleansing instructions are printed on the bottom of the can.
  • 3 polished Citrine stones
  • 1 polished Hematite stone. Caution: Natural Hematite may contain a slight magnetic charge. If you wear a pacemaker, please check with your doctor before wearing or working with Hematite.
  • 1 drawstring pouch
  • 1 small package of dried sage for smudging
  • 4 two-sided, full color Blessing / Symbol Disks (see below for details)
  • 1 small suction cup to help remove or change Blessing disks from can lid

  Blessing Disks

  •  "Loving, Healing Divine Light, Please activate and balance these minerals with Loving, Healing energies." On reverse side is a Yin-Yang symbol.
  • "Cleansing purifying radiating divine light - Find me, fill me, and free me of all negativity." On reverse side is an Om symbol.
  • "May the energy of these minerals be lovingly blessed and activated by the Light, Wisdom, and Beauty of the Universe. On reverse side is a Triskele symbol.
  • "Angels are invited." On reverse side is a winged heart symbol.

How to Use

  1. Select one or more disks with the blessing and\or symbol that best matches your intention.
  2. Place selected disk just under the can lid window. You can choose which side of the disk you want to show through the can lid window and which side faces down into can contents.
  3. Place pendulum or crystal inside can.
  4. Place cleansing stone(s), such as citrine and/or a grounding stone, such as hematite, inside can. If you prefer, as an alternative to citrine, you can use uncooked dry brown rice as the energy cleansing agent into the can, just enough to cover its contents. (Discard rice after cleansing is complete).
  5. With the blessing/symbol disk in place on the underside of the lid window, place lid on can and allow it to rest undisturbed for at least 12 hours.

To change blessing disk:

Remove lid from can, tap its window lightly and shake disk free. If disk doesn’t come out easily, place lid on flat surface with disk side up. Press the included suction cup onto the disk so it attaches itself. Grasp knob on suction cup and lift disk out.

Note: You can also use the blessing/symbol disks to bring cleansing energy anywhere it’s needed. Place disks wherever you see fit – such as inside a deck of cards, a wallet, or on a table in a special corner of the room.

Dried sage is also included for optional smudging. Use an ashtray, incense burner, or fireproof dish to burn the sage. Do not put burning materials in the cleansing can.