Custom Design for EN - Shungite, Black Onyx, and other gemstones

Custom design for E.N

Two new pictures show possible lineups for gems in chain.


New video shows Tiger's Eye with enhanced mounting.

Design includes these weight-stones:

Shungite, Tiger's Eye (#2), Black Onyx, Labradorite (#2), and Dragon Blood Jasper (#7).

Chain stones from top to bottom are:

  1. Smooth Yellow Sapphire
  2. Libyan Desert Glass (3 nuggets)
  3. Faceted Labradorite
  4. Sunstone nuggets (3x)
  5. Faceted Citrine
  6. Faceted Garnet sandwiched between 2 round, smooth Dragon Blood Jaspers
  7. Faceted Carnelian

Fobs: 3D Feather, Celtic flame from Beacon of Light Skeleton Key from Clarity's Key

Focus on chakra 1 thru 3

All weight-stones and fobs to be detachable - chain to have lobster claw clasp at each end to accomplish this.


Base price for custom design $172. This includes one weight-stone, 3 fobs, chain detachable on both ends. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Black Onyx teardrop with SS mounting/cap
  • SS Skeleton key
  • SS Celtic flame
  • SS 3D Feather
  • Yellow Sapphire, Libyan Desert Glass (x3), Labradorite, Sunstone (x3), Citrine, Garnet, Dragon Blood Jasper (x2), Carnelian, all with SS caps
  • SS Lobster clasps at top and bottom of chain (slightly larger than standard size clasp is required for these elements)

 Price for Extra weight-stones:

  • Hand shaped/polished Tiger’s Eye tapered point with proposed smooth SS mount $28
  • Hand shaped/polished Shungite tapered point with proposed fancy SS mount $32
  • Small Labradorite with fancy SS mounts $20
  • Small Dragon Blood Jasper with fancy SS mounts $17

Total for all $269