Black Velvet Pendulum Mat with Green and Gold Embroidery

  • Black velvet cloth pendulum chart, made in India, measures approximately 12" x 12". This beautiful dowsing mat is embroidered in white, green, and gold thread with the 26 letters of the alphabet, numerals 1 through 0, "Yes", "No", "Maybe", and "Rephrase". In the center is an elegant embroidered Triquetra symbol and at the four corners are embroidered Celtic knots. Mat is hemmed on all sides. As it is fabric, it folds up easily for travel or storage.

  • The Triquetra (shown at the center of this chart) is an ancient symbol that, like the triangle represents a variety of trinities: Power-intellect-love, waxing-waning-full, mind-body-soul, maiden-mother-crone, past-present-future, Father-Son-Holy Ghost, life-death-rebirth, mother-father-child.

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