Base Chakra Symbol Pendant on Adjustable Length Red Satin Neck Cord


Silver metal chakra symbol for the base chakra (chakra #1) suspends on a silky smooth, red satin cord that you can adjust by moving the slide knots to shorten or lengthen.

Second photo shows all seven pendants, each sold separately.


Length is adjustable from approximately 16" to 31". Pendant is made of zinc metal alloy and measures approximately 3/4" across.

How to Wear

To wear pendant, adjust the slide knots so the the neck cord is big enough to easily fit over your head.

Once in place, you can shorten the length - using both hands, find the two knots at the back of the cord and gently pull on them forward. They will simultaneously slide towards the front as the cord shortens to the desired length.

Once shortened, to make the cord long again, hold the pendant and gently pull down, causing the knots to slide to the back of the cord.