Citrine - 20 mil Bottle of Natural Gemstone Chips

  • 20 millimeter glass bottle with cork stopper filled with small polished freeform nuggets of natural Citrine gemstone chips. These tiny pretties can be used in a multitude of ways (see "Ways to Use" tab above for more information).
    1. Place inside a witness chamber pendulum to add ballast and energy to your dowsing.
    2. Pour into a small dish and place in an area - such as a meditation space, wealth corner, or bedside table to cleanse, balance, and revitalize the energy.
    3. Place under massage table to enhance healing.
    4. Carry your favorites in a pouch or place a few in a potion bottle and wear as a talisman for good luck.
    5. Pour into a dish to create an energy bed and place an object (such as pendulum or jewelry) on top to cleanse and balance object’s energy.
    6. Sprinkle across divination or oracle cards to cleanse, balance, or activate specific energies.
    7. Enhance dreaming - Pour into a drawstring pouch and keep under pillow while sleeping.
    8. Use to decorate or just brighten up a space with gemstone beauty - either with the gemstones still in the bottle or poured onto a dish.

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