Tapping into the Wisdom of the Tarot

The Tarot is a beautiful, traditional, intuitive tool - taking its form as a deck of cards, rich with symbols and centuries-old teachings designed to help you achieve wisdom and clarity. The origin of Tarot is mysterious and it has been reinterpreted many times over the years producing is a broad range of Tarot decks, teachings, and interpretations of the enduring, symbolic elements of wisdom.

Tarot is here for all of us

The High Priestess Certificate of Authenticity

The Tarot is for anyone who yearns for deeper understanding or just a new perspective. It is a way to spiritual, metaphysical, and practical wisdom. I study the Tarot daily and find tremendous insights in these beautiful cards. They never lie to me and always urge me on - to discover more, to understand deeper, to see the big picture and to not lose sight of the details along the way. The wisdom of the Tarot is a true gift that humanity has given to itself. I believe it is here for us all.

The Tarot is inspiring on multiple levels. As an artist I crave inspiration – it's the thing that provides meaning to my work. I've created a limited edition series that draws upon the wisdom and truth of the Tarot. By the way, you don't need to be a Tarot expert to connect with these special pendulums! Tarot is for everyone - even if you don't read the cards.

Tarot Truth Limited Edition Pendulum Series

The Tarot Truth pendulums are tools designed to help you connect to your inner wisdom and explore new realms of truth and beauty. Each pendulum in the Tarot Truth series is designed to resonate with one of the 22 Major Arcana cards. One of the things I noticed about the Tarot is that everyone seems to have a favorite – a special Essence card (Major Arcana) that you identify with or want to emulate. Mine's the Star. What's yours?

Using AYP's Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart (shown below), you can read the Tarot without using a Tarot deck. 
Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart

Did you know that you can use your pendulum to cleanse Tarot and divination cards? Here's how.

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