One of a Kind #337 - Red Jasper, Mother-of-Pearl and Sterling Silver Pendulum


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This is an original, One-of-a-Kind pendulum design, meaning there is only one of this particular pendulum and it is available for immediate shipment.

Pendulum Materials

  • Weight-stone: Red Jasper
    Color: Brick red with large creamy white streaks and smaller tan streaks
    Shape: Egyptian
    Top mount: Small, smooth dome
  • Metal: Sterling silver throughout
  • Chain accents: Red Jasper, shimmery beige Mother-of-Pearl
  • Chain clasp: lobster clasp (1x), weight-stone can be detached and worn separately as a pendant.
  • Fob: Eye of Horus in a circle, polished smooth on front and back. See "One-of-a-kind" tab for symbolism info.

Pendulum Measurements

  • Pendulum's overall length: 9 3/8"
  • Chain length (including clasp): 6 1/2"
  • Weight-stone: 2" long x 5/8" wide
  • Fob: 7/8" high by 3/4" wide

All measurements are close approximates. All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small polishing cloth, pendulum use and care instructions.


All of our pendulums are designed and created by AYP pendulum maker, Eva Browning (that's me!) When I am able to, I love to create special designs that are limited to a single piece, like the one shown here. These original, "One-of-a-kind" designs only come around a few times a year and feature premium quality weight-stones, gemstones and sterling silver components that I craft into unique, meaningful, functional works of art.


The “Eye of Horus” is also called an “udjat”or “wadjet” and is a symbol for sacrifice, healing, restoration, and protection. Legend tells that Horus’s left eye was plucked out and destroyed in a bloody battle with another deity, Seth (god of the desert, disorder and violence) and then later magically reconstructed and returned to him by Thoth (god of knowledge and wisdom). Horus later offered the sacred eye to his father, Osiris, in a partially successful attempt to resurrect him from the dead.

Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity known as the “god of the sky”. Offspring of Egyptian deities Osiris (god of the sun) and Isis (goddess of motherhood and magic), Horus is a complicated deity with many iterations and names that have evolved over thousands of years. He’s considered a protective force that rules without bias. Often pictured as a falcon or a man with a falcon’s head, Horus is also represented by eyes – either just one eye, or both eyes together.