Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter - available in 3 styles

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Love your pendulum? Wear it! This is AYP's classic sterling silver Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter - available in 3 styles. Adapter measures approximately 5/8" from top to bottom. The bail opening will accommodate chain of up to 3/16" thick. See second photo for example of a pendulum as a cascading pendant when using this adapter (pendulum and neck chain in example are not included).

How to Use

    1. Feed the end-loop of your neck-chain (or cord) through the bail opening, allowing the adapter to slide to the center of chain.

Diagram of Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter parts

  1. Put neck-chain on with the decorative side of adapter facing forward. The adapter’s latch will be on your right side and the clasp opening on your left.
  2. Select the link in your pendulum’s chain that you want to attach to the adapter.
  3. To open the adapter clasp, use your thumbnail to push upwards on the clasp latch. (The latch is connected to a tiny spring inside and will automatically close when you release it.) While holding the latch open, hook the clasp opening into the selected link of your pendulum's chain.
  4. Release latch and let both ends of pendulum dangle.
  5. To use your pendulum, it is not necessary to remove your neck-chain. Simply unhook it from the adapter by holding the adapter's clasp latch open and lifting the pendulum's chain link out.

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