Engraved Aluminum Yes/No Pendulum Mini-Board and Accessory Kit

Designed and engraved here at the AYP studio, this sweet little trivet-style pendulum board will help you get the answers you seek to your "Yes" or "No" questions (without having to program your pendulum). It can be used with any pendulum. Pendulum is not included in kit.

The board is lightweight and small, measuring 4 inches x 4 inches (by 1/4 inch tall), so we call a "mini-board". It's a "board" instead of a chart because it has a hard surface, but it operates on the same principle as pendulum charts. When you hold your pendulum over the board and ask your questions, your pendulum uses the reference points on the board to show you the answer that fits - either "YES" or "NO", or "NOT SURE" or "REPHRASE". See the "How to Use" tab for more details.

The aluminum surface of this board has a sturdy wood backing and four silicone feet to keep it from slipping. The words and arrows on the board will never rub off because they are engraved into the surface of the metal (and then blackened with permanent enamel paint). If you spill something on it, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Also included is an acrylic multi-purpose clear charging plate engraved with the beautiful, powerful symbol for "Metatron's Cube". You can use the symbol of Metatron’s Cube for meditation, energy cleansing, energy alignment, creative inspiration, angelic protection and communication, and as a conduit for the flow of divine light. Additionally (this part is so cool), when you lay the clear plate on top of the pendulum board, it becomes an energy amplifier for both your pendulum and the board as you dowse.

A perfect travel kit, starter kit, or gift

You never know when you'll need a pendulum - or this handy little set. Small enough to travel, you can keep your mini-board and charging plate in the 4 1/2" x 7" unbleached cotton muslin drawstring pouch with room to spare for your pendulum too. Kit includes instruction booklet.

Pair it with a pendulum and you have the perfect starter set for a new dowser.

As a gift, this is a perfect stocking stuffer! The packaged kit measures 5 1/5" x 7" x 1/3" thick. 

About Metatron's Cube

Metatronis an important archangel who holds several key roles, including guardian of the Tree of Life. A powerhouse in Sacred Geometry (the study of shapes and mathematical formulas that occur in nature), “Metatron’s Cube”is a mystical three-dimensional object that the angel Metatron uses to watch over and control the flow of all energy throughout the universe.

Metatron's Cube

Shown here is the two-dimensional symbol for Metatron’s Cube. This symbol also serves as a metaphor to illustrate how all things, great and small, are infinitely connected.

Embedded in Metatron’s Cube are many geometric shapes, including the five “Platonic Solids” (which also represent the five elements), the “Star of David”, and the “Fruit of Life”, which comprises thirteen circles said to be the blueprint of the universe and the basis of design for every atom, molecule, and life form in existence.

How to Use

Getting started - prepare your pendulum and yourself

  1. Cleanse and charge your pendulum’s energy. Over time, objects, including pendulums, pick up and store both the positive and negative energies that they encounter. If your pendulum has a build-up of negativity or old, stagnate energy, it can interfere with the pendulum’s effectiveness. For best results, it’s recommended that you routinely cleanse your pendulum’s energy, especially when your first get it, and periodically thereafter. You can use the included clear acrylic square plate engraved with “Metatron’s Cube”, to both cleanse and charge your pendulum’s energy. For a full cleansing and charging, just place your pendulum on the plate and let set undisturbed in a quiet area for twenty-four hours. Thereafter, place pendulum on the plate for a periodic cleanse and charge, as often as you feel it is needed.
  2. Ground yourself. If possible, put both feet flat on the floor. If this isn’t possible or if you want to make sure you’re actually grounded, visualize the following: Out of the bottoms of your feet, tree roots physically connect your body to the earth. In your mind’s eye, watch these roots penetrate deep into the earth's mantle and anchor by wrapping around giant quartz crystals.
  3. Quiet your mind.  Cancel any background noise inside your head. If your mind is overly busy, you may need to do a mini-meditation before dowsing. You can use the clear acrylic “Metatron’s Cube” plate to help you with this. Hold the plate in front of you and gaze at the structure of the symbol, looking both at and through it as you allow your eyes to focus on the variety of shapes, paths, patterns, and connection points.
  4. Program your pendulum’s source. Establish where your pendulum will get its answers. The goal is to tap into your higher self.  Begin each session by saying, “I call upon the higher self to answer my questions. I seek truthful answers aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned.” Feel free to tailor this language so it fits with your own intention and terminology.

How to use the Yes/No pendulum mini-board

  1. Place board squarely in front of you on a flat surface. The typical board position puts Yes at the top and bottom and No at the sides.
  2. Holding your pendulum over the board, arch your wrist slightly and steady your elbow on a solid surface.
  3. Hold pendulum so its weight-stone dangles about 1/2” above the surface of the board, directly over the dot at the board’s center.
  4. Ask your question, being careful to phrase it so that either a “Yes” or a “No” can provide a meaningful answer.
  5. Wait for pendulum to swing. It may take a few moments for it to pick up momentum and settle into a consistent, readable pattern.

How to read the pendulum’s swing

  • Swing goes front to back in a straight line swing that follows the direction of the "Yes" segments on the board: Answer = YES
  • Swing goes side to side in a straight line swing that follows the direction of the "No" segments on the board: Answer = NO
  • Counter-clockwise circular swing = Rephrase your question and try again.
  • Clockwise circular swing = Pendulum can’t say or is not sure of the answer.

Pairing the charging plate with pendulum mini-board

If you’d like to enhance both the energy of your pendulum and the Yes/No pendulum mini-board as you dowse, lay the charging plate on top of mini-board and leave in place as you ask your questions.

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