Yes/No Cloth Pendulum Chart

  • "Yes/No" Cloth Pendulum Chart - Use to answer Yes/No questions easily with no pendulum programming. Designed by Eva Browning at the Ask Your Pendulum studio and offered exclusively here at AYP, this lightweight, cloth chart is made in the USA of velvet-soft polyester microsuede. It measures 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" and it's machine washable. Small enough to fold up and put in a pouch with your pendulum, this chart can easily go everywhere you go.

  • Unfold and lay the chart on a flat surface in front of you, positioned with "Yes" at the top of chart and "No" at the sides. Hold your pendulum so that it dangles about one inch above the triskele symbol at the center of the chart. Ask your question. Note: Make sure you phrase your question so that it can be answered with a simple Yes or a No.

    How to read the pendulum's motion

    • Front to back - straight line motion in same direction as the "Yes" segments on the chart = YES
    • Side to side - straight line motion in same direction as the "No" segments on the chart = NO
    • Counter-clockwise motion = Rephrase the question and ask again
    • Clockwise circular motion = Can't say, or not sure

    If you prefer to have Yes be side-to-side and "No" be front-to-back, just rotate chart 90 degrees - placing "No" at the top.

    Polyester microfiber cloth is milled in the USA and the colorfast design is printed in the USA.

    Fabric care: Machine washable in cold water (no bleach). Tumble dry on low heat, or let air dry on flat surface.

    Tip: To fit this chart into a standard size 3" x 4" pendulum pouch, fold chart into thirds - like you would with a letter. Then rotate and fold into thirds again. Slide folded chart into pouch with your pendulum for easy travel.

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