Black Satin Twist Neck Cord - available in 24" and 30" lengths

Love your pendulum? Wear it! Neck cord is available in two lengths - 24" and 30". Featuring a loop and knot closure, this metal-free, elegant looking, black satin-twist neck cord is both sturdy and easy to use.

30" length is ample enough to put on and take off without having to undo the closure. This an excellent option for anyone who doesn't like to fiddle with necklace clasps and those with metal sensitivities.

This neck cord works great with all of our Pendulum-to-Pendant adapters.

Cord is made of nylon and is approximately 2.5mm thick.

How to Use

Slip the looped end of cord through your pendant or Pendant-to-Pendulum Adapter and slide it to the center of the cord. To wear, push knotted end of cord through the looped end of the cord, much like you would push a button through a button hole.