One of a Kind #392 - Malachite, Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendulum


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This is an original, One-of-a-Kind pendulum design, meaning there is only one of this particular pendulum and it is available for immediate shipment.

Pendulum Materials

  • Weight-stone: Malachite
    Color: green with striations of darker green
    Shape: 6-sided pencil point
    Top mount: flat top with pierced arabesque details
  • Metal: Sterling silver throughout
  • Chain accents: smooth Turquoise (2x ), smooth Malachite (4x), sterling silver hearts (2x)
  • Chain clasp: lobster claw (1x), detachable chain (by way of lobster claw clasp), allowing you to detach and wear weight-stone separately as a pendant.
  • Fob: Triquetra inside a heart. See "One-of-a-kind" tab for symbolism info.

Pendulum Measurements

  • Pendulum's overall length: 7"
  • Chain length (including clasp): 5"
  • Weight-stone: 1 3/8" long x 3/8" wide
  • Fob: 3/4" high by 5/8" wide

All measurements are close approximates. All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small polishing cloth, pendulum use and care instructions.


All of our pendulums are designed and created by AYP pendulum maker, Eva Browning (that's me!) When I am able to, I love to create special designs that are limited to a single piece, like the one shown here. These original, "One-of-a-kind" designs only come around a few times a year and feature premium quality weight-stones, gemstones and sterling silver components that I craft into unique, meaningful, functional works of art.


The Triquetra is an ancient symbol that has many meanings: Power-intellect-love, waxing-waning-full, mind-body-soul, maiden-mother-crone, past-present-future, Father-Son-Holy Ghost, life-death-rebirth, mother-father-child. This triquetra is inside a heart, which is itself a symbol for the soul and for love, the heart represents sincerity, compassion, charity and mercy.