Sterling Silver Snake Totem Earrings

Both the ear-wires and the snakes are made of beautiful, skin-friendly, solid sterling silver. Comes in a lovely translucent gift box and includes symbol energy information.

Sterling silver dangling three dimensional, twisting snake earrings on french-style sterling silver ear wires.


Our ear wires are sturdy, solid sterling silver and nickle-free. Length of dangle from the snake's top loop where it connects to the ear wire - to the bottom tip of the snake is approximately 1 3/8".


Often a healer's totem (or power animal), the snake has some very special characteristics that we can all appreciate. Snakes have a natural ability to balance energies, are protective, and in tune to the loving harmony between the physical and ethereal. Comfortable with both the shadows and the sunlight, snakes are diplomatic, intelligent, and intuitive. They embody the concept of transformation and rebirth by casting off the old self to reveal a newer version, over and over again. Snakes symbolize healing, rebirth, intuition, fertility, immortality, balance, cunning, protection, patience, eternity and infinite renewal.