Sterling Silver Om Symbol Earrings with Amethyst OR Quartz

Both the ear-wires and the Om symbols are made of beautiful, skin-friendly, solid sterling silver. Comes in a lovely translucent gift box and includes symbol and gemstone energy information.

Beautiful sterling silver earrings with cut-out "Om" symbol framed inside a simple oval and accented with your choice of either purple Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

Our ear wires are sturdy, solid sterling silver and nickle-free. Length of dangle from the top loop where the gemstone bead connects to the ear wire - to the bottom of the oval, is approximately 1" and about 3/8" at its widest. All stones are genuine.

The word "Om" or "Aum" in Sanskrit means "sacred" and is said to be at the core of all creation. This symbol represents past, present, and future all at once - as well as any and all aspects that exist outside of these three views of time. If the whole universe is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy - then Om is the humming sound of this cosmic energy. Om is regarded as the original creative sound from which the entire universe was manifested.

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