Sterling Silver Ankh Symbol Earrings

Both the ear-wires and the Ankhs are made of beautiful, skin-friendly, solid sterling silver. Comes in a lovely translucent gift box and includes symbol energy information.

Highly polished sterling silver Ankh symbol earrings on french-style sterling silver ear-wires. The Ankh symbol is about 1 1/8" high - including the connector ring at the top of the Ankh, and 9/16" wide.

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that means "life" or "to live" - as well as "afterlife". The Ankh symbol is considered a symbol for a key to the the great mysteries of the universe. The symbol itself is a representation of the union of two shapes: the round sun as it kisses the earth's horizon. The opening in the top of the Ankh is said to be a portal through which one can discover a shifted consciousness.

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