Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Record Sheet - Pack of 25 two-sided sheets or Digital Download

  • This item is available in two formats: Hard copy pack of 25 two-side pre-printed sheets or your can download a PDF document and print them on your own printer as needed. 

    This Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Record Sheet lets you keep track of your Tarot Journey. The 25-pack of pre-printed two-sided sheets is physical item that will be shipped to you. Sheet measures 8 1/2" x 11" and are printed on white paper.

    Use this Tarot Reading record sheet in conjunction with either your own Tarot cards or the AYP Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum chart.

    Note: The purchased versions do not have the large copyright watermark across it. If you opt for the digital download, a PDF link will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase.You can print out as many sheets as you need your own printer.
  • To use: Record the particulars at the top of the sheet: Date, time, deck, querent, and question. Layout your Tarot cards as pictured on the record sheet and then write down them down in the corresponding spots on the sheet. (If you are using a pendulum chart to do a reading, no cards are needed - just a pendulum and the chart - record in the same way.) In addition to the classic 10-card Celtic Cross layout, there's also a spot on the sheet for a clarification card if one is needed. If not, leave it blank. Abbreviated descriptions of the purpose of each card's position is printed at the bottom of each sheet for easy reference.

    Position: 1. What this situation is about or the energy that is highlighted in this matter. 2. Resistance or interference with the situation - or could be help that is perhaps unrecognized as such. 3. Obvious or prominent influences on the situation (or the querent). 4. Underlying influences in this matter or influences that are firmly anchored in the unconscious, such as patterns or habits. 5. Influences from the past that are work in the current situation. 6. Developments to take place in the near future. 7. Querent's current position as it relates to the situation or character traits that are playing in important role in this matter. 8. Actions or influences of other players in the situation, or the nature of the environment, or influences that the environment is having upon the situation. 9. It's called "Hopes / Fears", but this position more often provides key advice or insights into hidden influences or factors. 10. Conclusion of the entire matter  - where things will ultimately end up.

    Flip the sheet over to record your analysis of the reading.

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