Sterling Silver Circular Leaf Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter

You can also use this adapter as a charm and/or pendant holder. Chains and pendulum shown in the examples are sold separately.

  • Love your pendulum? Wear it with this sterling silver circular leaf open loop Pendulum-to-Pendant adapter. Its bail accommodates a neck chain or cord of up to 1/8" thick. Adapter is compatible with any AYP pendulum that have the oval shaped chain links. Smaller pendulum chain links may also be used, though are not recommended with this adapter.
  • 1. Feed the end-loop of your neck-chain (or cord) through the bail opening, allowing the adapter to slide to the center of chain.Diagram of Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter
    2. Put neck-chain on with the opening of the loop on your left.
    3. Select the link in your pendulum’s chain that you want to attach to the adapter.
    4. While holding the circular loop in one hand, slip the selected link of your pendulum's chain through the loop opening and over the “curly-q”.
    5. Let both sides of the pendulum dangle.
    6. To use your pendulum, it is not necessary to remove your
    neck-chain. Simply unhook pendulum from the adapter by holding the loop and lifting the pendulum's chain link up and out of the loop opening.

    Important note - To keep your pendulum secure, make sure that it is connected to the adapter by an actual link in the pendulum’s chain. If you feel that the  adapter’s loop opening is unnecessarily wide, you can give the adapter a gentle squeeze to narrow this opening.

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